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Liquid Ionic Potassium | Video | Good State
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Liquid Ionic Potassium | Video | Good State
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Silver Element | Periodic Table

The Use of Silver throughout History

For many centuries, throughout history, silver was widely used to preserve milk, disinfect water, and keep food from spoiling. Silver has been known to have powerful anti-microbial and germ-fighting properties. Early American settlers knew the…
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Overweight, and HATE Diets? 15 Offbeat Tips That’ll Bring Out the Slim in You

By Estimated reading time: 10 minutes If your goal is to lose a half a supermodel, or maybe an entire supermodel, have we got some unusual, but good tips for you. These aren’t your everyday kind of tips (okay, some of…

Nicholai Jablokov – CEO & President

My belief is, if you can give your body what it needs and in the right form, you'll be surprised at what it can do. From being a former college athlete trying to make it to the next level and not attaining because of nutrient deficiencies, I truly understand the benefits of a good nutritional supplement program.




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